DESC classifies the project results in intangible outcomes, tangible deliverables and process results.

In line with project’s Specific Objectives, the expected INTANGIBLE OUTCOMES will be:
– Promotion of professionalization of teachers in the field of democratic education
– Promotion of students’ motivation and talent
– Promotion of students’ active citizenship
– Establishment of cooperation between schools, local community, parents, and local authorities
– Establishment of an online community of stakeholders interested in democratic education
– Production of changes in education policy development

TANGIBLE DELIVERABLES or outputs, are mainly represented by Project Results (PR):
PR1. Research Report on Democratic Education in Europe
PR2. Teacher Training on democratic education
PR3. DESC OER Platform
PR4 Transferability Guidelines And Policy Recommendations

DESC will also achieve a series of PROCESS RESULTS, fundamental for the full accomplishment of the expected objectives:
. Creation of links at European level at all educational levels
. Strengthening the relationship among democratic schools in Europe
. Better inclusion levels in schools
. Promoting the spirit of initiative among students
. Decreased isolation of Remote Rural Areas involved
· Greater internationalization of partners organisations
. Increasing teaching staff mobility
· Better understanding of each project partners’ cultures
. Improvement in communication in English