The activities are grouped into four major Project Results (PR), combined with project meetings, learning, teaching and training activity and multiplier events.

PR1: Research Report
DESC will develop an innovative cross-country research on democratic education in Europe. Partners will analyse the main drivers and barriers for implementation of this approach in respective national contexts and map local stakeholders interested in developing cross-sectoral collaboration. The research will also identify the training needs for teachers in the field of democratic education. An online Multiplier Event will be organised to share the main research findings.

PR2: Teacher Training
Based on the Research Report elaborated in PR1, all partners will contribute to develop DESC Teacher Training and an impact assessment framework to evaluate training effectiveness on participating schools. The teacher training will be tested and validated during C1.

PR3: DESC OER Platform
DESC OER Platform will be created, to host:

At least 5 teachers from each school will follow the online training course and will practice what they learned in their respective school environment. This pilot phase will be evaluated against the impact assessment framework produced in PR2. Finally, the OER Platform will be opened to external actors. 3 National Multiplier Events will be organised to present and disseminate the Platform.

PR4: Transferability and Policy Recommendations:
DESC will produce transferability guidelines to support project partners in scaling up the democratic education approach by engaging all relevant stakeholders. Partners will develop national transferability action plans with concrete actions to adapt the transferability guidelines into their context.
Policy recommendations will be produced to raise awareness on democratic education at local, regional, national and European contexts.